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Private Donors

The Association “RTL Helps the Children” is working on building a bridge between organizations in need and the public. Our aim is to raise the awareness on the hard work accomplished by these organizations and to emphasize their needs in helping children, as well as to show that by joining all our efforts, it is possible to make a real difference for children in Croatia.

Our priority is to guarantee our donors the following:

  • We work only with professional, serious and reliable organizations
  • Our commitment is that 100% of your donations are dedicated to the projects we have selected
  • Maximum efficiency and transparency in the use of donated funds
  • Reporting on the projects we select/realise

You can help the Children in Croatia by donating to “RTL helps the children” in following ways:

  • Calling our humanitarian telephone line 060 9007 and donating 6,15 kn (VAT included)
  • On-line donations via predefined credit card directly from our web page. Amount that you wish to donate needs to be imputed into foreseen place and by clicking on donate button you will be forwarded to T-Com site for safe on line payments. More on T-Com safe on-line payments
  • Direct deposit on our bank account:
    Bank account: OTP banka – Zagreb

We thank you for your help and trust!

Corporate Donors

Why to support “RTL helps children” and be part of an innovative charity concept?

The Association wishes to support organizations that do not have the means to reach the public on their own and need support to achieve one specific project.

It also wants to guarantee all donors that their money is used in the most efficient and transparent way. The Association will make sure to report on all achievements through the media.

Partners and sponsors will clearly demonstrate their commitment to the community, with the best guarantee of efficiency and transparency. They will therefore strengthen their corporate responsibility profile.

How to support “RTL helps children”?

  • Financial donations: your company can make a donation that will be allocated to one of our selected projects
  • In-kind contributions: your company can put its resources (employees, network, services, goods, etc.) at the disposal of the Association to support its action. For example, a media or marketing company could offer its services to strengthen the Association’s communication and fundraising platform. Your company could as well choose to offer goods for specific prize games or events that are related to the project
  • Cause-related marketing: Your company could choose to help the Association through its goods or services. Certain % of the products’ price could be dedicated to the Association. This can apply to regular products or to specific merchandising co-branded by the Association and your Company.
  • Organization of an internal event: Your company could organize a fund-raising event internally (auction, race, charity sale, etc.) for the benefit of the Association. This could be a good team building experience.

For any additional information, please contact:

Humanitarian Association „RTL helps children“
Krapinska 45
HR 10000 Zagreb
Tel: ++385 1 3660 934
Fax: ++385 1 3660 439

We thank you for your help and trust!