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The humanitarian association “RTL helps children” was founded in December 2006 by RTL Televizija and Vecernji list. We act as a charity fund, supporting different projects dedicated to children, all over Croatia, all year long.


  • Supporting organizations that need assistance in realisation of a specific project
  • Encouraging solidarity by guaranteeing all donors that their money is used in the most efficient and transparent way


“RTL helps children” only supports organisations that work, in Croatia, for the benefit of children (under 18):

  • Providing help to sick, disabled and needy children
  • Promoting the development of a safe, constructive and creative environment for children


We work with the projects’ agencies in following ways:

  • Selecting projects, among all applicants, according to predefined criteria such as: the benefits of the project for the targeted group, technical and organizational capacity to develop the project and the estimated sustainability of the organization. The selection committee decides on the projects to be supported by the Association
  • Monitoring the allocation of funds and guaranteeing transparency in the use of funds
  • Reporting on all achievements to its generous donors, through the media

We have developed a fundraising platform to raise money (donations) from private and corporate donors in following ways:

  • Using the strength of the media platform offered by the founding member
  • Developing attractive projects and campaigns with our corporate partners and sponsors

“RTL helps children” was registered by Zagreb’s City Office for General Administration on the 10th January 2007.


Henning Tewes, CEO of RTL Hrvatska and President of Humanitarian Association “RTL helps children”

Our daily work makes us very much aware of the social needs in Croatia. The responsibility of RTL is to report on them to our viewers and raise awareness, which so far we did in the best way through our programs by broadcasting TV trailers within the campaigns such as “Stop human trafficking” (Government office for human rights) or Stop the violence within family (UNHCR). We are conscious that by bringing up the right and credible information to our viewers, we can promote solidarity.

We therefore decided not to just report on these social needs but to effectively assist the ones we believe deserve our help in priority – the children in Croatia.

Everyday journalistic work facilitates contacts with organizations that are providing assistance; it gives us considerable encouragement and enriches us with experience for our own work. The objective of the Humanitarian Association “RTL helps children” is to direct money in fast and uncomplicated way to children’s organizations that require assistance.

Our goal is to involve strong and committed corporate partners in order to guarantee that each kuna donated goes directly to those who need it most. Thus, even the smallest donation will result in great benefits..

It will be our responsibility to report to all generous donors on the outcomes of the projects they will support through the Association “RTL helps children”. We will make sure to inform them through our programs and by doing so we will ensure utmost level of efficiency and transparency.

I personally believe that by joining all our efforts, we will help children to grow up healthy and happy. We should never forget that our commitment to children is among the most important investments in the future!